Event Proposition:
Which class is the most powerful amongst all the classes?

Event Time: UTC 5/5 02:00—9/5 02:00
Event Location: New Official GL Forum —Repair Station
Event administrator: GL official, Section Leaders, Galactic Chairmen


The Class with the highest amount of points
will be
the Most Powerful Class
that top 10 points participators will receive ST Medal*1 ( 300 Credits+ 100K Tech Points)

Rank 1 Debater:
Gold Trophy of the 3rd STA, 5000 Credits+ Class Chip*8
Rank 2 Debater:
Silver Trophy of the 3rd STA, 3000 Credits+ Class Chip*5
Rank 3 Debater:
Bronze Trophy of the 3rd STA, 1000 Credits+ Class Chip*3

debaters with higest points, from the other classs with more than 5 supporters, will receive
ST Excellent Debator Medal*1
( 1200 Credits+ Class Chip*2)

Enter this link to participate: http://goo.gl/XEZKps
Result Link: http://goo.gl/DoPVUu