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Thread: The Legion check in (GL Nova + GL Fans )

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    Oct 2015
    New Zealand.

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    como están todos acá aterrice y estoy como perdido del tema
    muerte.s61 world964 lv.97 android.

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    Hey guys, how are all? I'am wait fine, thank you for add me in the group 😊😊😊
    I'am Diablo.s141 World1044 Android

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    Hi hi to all, I hope we can help , no support as many topics as record and I have so most of my contributions will be images or videos
    Im Matarratas.s200 world 1103 Android
    No importa que tan pequeño sea un bebe tiburon... este nunca podra nadar con sardinas

    No matter how small a shark baby ... this could never swim with sardines

    Matrratas.s200 World1103

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    Nov 2015
    Hola ya yego ponkineitor xd ponkineitor.s752 lvl 79 world 710 android

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    hola a todos .
    gatito n.n.s 247 world 1150 android
    alianza Efigie Roja
    nivel 95

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    Un saludo a todos desde Venezuela. Biullit.s821 World779

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    Comandante Dark Link reportándose :v

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    Привет воины. Добро пожаловать в нашу группу. Всем удачи.
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    Hi, sireduars.s423 world 1326 :v

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