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Thread: Galaxy Legend Power weekly checkin

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    Galaxy Legend Power weekly checkin

    Dear members of Galaxaly Legend Power, please say Hi to your forum friends here. We will have to do it once a week

    Дорогие друзья, пожалуйста, скажите Здраствуй на свои форумные други сдесь! Мы будем делать ето каждую неделю
    perseus777.s737, W695, AN

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    Hi guys, we meet again here. Come and live up our forum shall we? And you will get a chance to receive credits

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    Hi guys new to form level 88

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    This is very strange handling this bord who did the programming ???

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    Всем привет.

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    Привет! Хоть один русский))
    Muir.s552 Russian 02 iOS
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    Member of Legion Foundation group

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    Да уж как тут все неудобно

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    Hi peeps just checking in ��

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    Всем привет!

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