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Thread: Lance - Missing from Empire's Treasure

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    Lance - Missing from Empire's Treasure

    Based on the countdown, Lance was supposed be here for 7 days but as of today he has been taken out of the store and also missing from the Empire's Treasure event, while the countdown still states that there is another 4 days of event left.

    Now I did find it weird that a dna event would last so long but thought it was to coincide with the modules event. However it seems that the intent was only for 3 days but many players were misled by the countdown.

    I hope for the sake of communication Tap would bring Lance back so those who were waiting to get him within these 7 days could do so. Some players have also been accumulating purchases or have used the dna bar and are waiting to complete it in the next few days - do hope Tap would look into this and compensate these players fairly.
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    t4f half of my alliance comrades have had put credits on Lance including me.. please fix this error and refund your loyal players. .

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    The only reason I dumped credits into Lance is because I had 7 days. I would like to get my credits refunded

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    I already have lance but was putting credits into it for the modules. I was going to get the chips since I spent that many credits already.

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    I want 2. DNA chip, the Monthcard creds from next 3 days would have been enough to get him

    I payed 30 so far into Lance.
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    This is a game wide issue! Tap needs to come forward about the mistake immediAtely and compensate players as whole and refund credits of all players that spend on Lance OR Imsaw give them free Lance DNA chip for Taps mistake. I saved for months to get that first damn chip and now I can't get the second one!

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    I was there waiting for justice. Please ensure fairness with.

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    yeah bit miffed at this one..was going for him on my cheap alt..had bar at 47%...woke to find it gone..diff said 7 days event!!

    tap check world 1070 angel_omg account and you will see in the logs..

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    I am sure you tried, but those who didnt, did you send report to Tap4Fun?

    Please do

    Load them with reports.
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    Here is taps reply
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