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Thread: [AoW] Art Of War Faction :: Weekly Check In :: 11-04-2015 #1

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    incendios is faster... with first shot he is deadly

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    why tap remove the hunt event?

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    Tresear hunt...i am going to hunt

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    Treasure hunt.... I am going to skip

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    Ошибка с обновлением

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    This hunt like every other event has appearance of chance that will always tip the financial scale in Taps favour.
    Aways, always make sure you have enough credit to get that illusive DNA chip or items you are after don't go into these events thinking you will get something on the first go. Chose wisely on what events you spend on and make sure if you are after commanders that they are ones that will compliment your Lt set up, gala set up etc..
    It's better to let these very tempting events so by and store your credits for those must have commanders in future events.
    Good luck to all who play tho. ��
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    What does tap class as a week? Sunday to Sunday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ender Bean Wiggins View Post
    *Moderators please lock previous weeks check in thread, thank you*

    All AoW members must check in weekly here. To make it fun let's all add one sentence each and create a funny story together. I'll start......
    Happy to oblige.
    time's up.

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