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Thread: [AoW] Art Of War Faction :: Weekly Check In :: 11-04-2015 #1

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    Little did he know he had just become eligible for 20% off space gas at the local quikimart... Lucky!!!!!!!!!

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    edit: didn't see Genki's post. Lol

    He took advantage of the discount to fill up many tanks, but realised that his ship became too heavy and could not activate warp speed.
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    i need more credits!!!!

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    Foxtrot uniform charlie kilo

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    The lack of warp speed really hurt is chances of finding a date.

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    But he found one in the middle of his dreams..

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    I will win one ctc commander in

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    For his dreams in space are the only dreams she has of life and love.

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    Primus.. once living peacefully amongs the evil in the universe.. one day..

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