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Thread: [AoW] Art Of War Faction :: Weekly Check In :: 11-04-2015 #1

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    Did anyone noticed the annoucement board working ? If u got a pri energy ur name will not show up. Well done tab

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    going to have a lot of fun with u guys

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    Игра становится менее сбаласированной. Теперь все можно купить. Это плохо, знание игры уже не важно.

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    Do you think an lt that cancels rover abilities is due soon?

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    Lost in Space

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    Primus new is good then old one

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    Useless pri given by a lie how bad it us can you deny

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    Check....check....Tap needs to send users a check for the Lance event. A $100 USD check.

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    Hope tap to add profile saving function for pvp, primus, and CQ

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    It seems purple is the new green...used to always get pri now always get phantom.
    So if this is completely random how come I get more of this type now than any other, same as the spin wheel how come I get at least one
    three in a row set of red circles with a line through it every single day but yet I have only ever had three credit three in a row match ups in over a year of playing this game. Chance, I think not.
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