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Thread: GL COMMANDERS HQ [CHQ] Weekly Sign In Thread [PRIVATE]

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    It says we have to post here on a weekly basis. Do new eeks start at Monday or Sunday here?

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    This topic is topic to sign in this week??

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    Chadi do you have a list, which member is when assigned to get the weekly credit reward?
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    ok guys, this thread is now closed. So I will clear a few things up:

    1- we will have one new thread every week. I will tell you when it will show in the FB Page.
    2- you are only allowed to post here once. in each thread.
    3- Posting here does not automatically means you will receive credits, but if you don't post here, you will not receive any credits even if you are hyper active on FB.
    4- posting here means you are an exclusive member of GL Commanders HQ group, if you post here and in other groups, you will be considered cheating, and there will be consequences.
    5- I am always available on FB to answer your questions, send me a PM and I will reply as soon as I see it.

    Finally, I would like to draw your attention that the next sign in thread will be posted tomorrow, and we will only have 48 hours to sign in, from the time I post the thread.

    Chadi Sahioun


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    Hey everyone!

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    I have a method that works through all 15 levels. How can I send it to you?

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    as for the weekly sign in, here I am
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    I like pie xD anyway i got an r5 tekken yaaaay

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    I forgot what I wanted to say.. :P

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    Hi everyone!

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