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Thread: GL COMMANDERS HQ [CHQ] Weekly Sign In Thread [PRIVATE]

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    Hey guys...testing

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    Anyone knows this error message:" This roleinformation does not fit your tap4fun-account"? I got these on my iOS-account fr 2 weeks now and t4f cant fix it. Reinstalled App, t4f changed password - some says it works fine, some say it is unworkable. Anyway, when the app says "Account verified" - on the last moment of the login the error occured.

    By the way the trick on chaos works also with low level. On Android i m at lvl60 and got my first 2 DA-DNA with 2 equiped ships, maghelan and murphy, and all other naked.

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    Hi Everyone! Im Ajisai Chan i will try to change my name here but im working now so a bit later. Cheers!
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    Hi. I'm Lawyer, and I'm from Russia.

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    Hello from France,
    where are my s610 friends ?

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    hello everyone. have a nice day.

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    Hello Everyone

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    Hi. .

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    got "your message is to short, please write minimum of 10 letters"

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    so apprently "hi.." isnt

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