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Thread: GL COMMANDERS HQ [CHQ] Weekly Sign In #2 [12.Nov.2015]

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    GL COMMANDERS HQ [CHQ] Weekly Sign In #2 [12.Nov.2015]

    Good Day Champions of GL Commanders HQ.

    So here it is our weekly sign in #2.

    Please remember, only one post is allowed per member.
    Please remember, if you post in our thread, you can't post in anyone else's.
    Please remember, we have 48 hours to get at least 60 sign-ins.

    Let's GO
    Chadi Sahioun


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    Chadi Sahioun Saying hello to his favorite people

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    Craving for some peace as my brother's kid is screaming no no no no no no to everything giving me a headache like the most music nowadays :d
    GL-Account : Akairyuu.S570 World358 (iOS)
    FB-Account : Samuel Somers (or Akairyuu)
    FB-Group : GL COMMANDERS HQ - Allround Member
    Skype : samuels1977.

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    Have a great week ^^ Cheer all

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    Hoping you all having fun out there and thanks CHQ and the admin team!

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    Drama says hi!
    Drama Queen.s451 world 1354 Android

    Galaxy Legend - Commanders HQ

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    Hi every one. Plumber here. Have a good week

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    Sergeant Padeen's Avatar
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    Nov 2015
    Hello, great to be part of the group. Very helpful! GL is the best!

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    Michael nichols
    World 1369

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    Kups was here...

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