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Thread: GL COMMANDERS HQ [CHQ] Weekly Sign In Thread [PRIVATE]

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    Hi all

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    greetings from Germany

    Forum Name : Sieben
    Facebook Name: Sieben GL
    InGame Name : sieben.s592
    World 380 IOS
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    Greetings from Norway everyones

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    Hi everyone! lousy368 from iOS World 368 and Tony Stark from iOS World 600. ✌️

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    Oct 2015
    Hi everyone.

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    Aug 2015
    Saudi Arabia
    Greetings from Saudi Arabia..

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    Tap4Fun rules like a shit to me.. I don't care i get credits for free or not as long as i get alot of info to make me more stronger..

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    Hi everyone!
    Really happy right now I think I just did win something. I spent all credits I have today trying to get Violette then when I log in after a few hours... I have 5k credits which allowed me to get Violette. Thanks!

    Have a fun week and hope you guys also win some credits.

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    Hello from the best place on earth... Spain. ;-)

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    Wish a lucky week for recruit new commander.

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