Active Group Adjustment
In order to clean up the environment both inside and outside the game, and offer a better and fairer social platform and more actively organized teams, we have formulated some adjustments to the group team mechanism.

Once this new mechanism has been published, the original system will remain in place for nearly two weeks (from 10/27 until 11/08). After 11/08, the original mechanism will no longer be in effect, and no more prizes can be sent to teams outside of the new mechanism.

Within these two weeks, those teams who wish to participate in the new team mechanism can do so by signing up with officials, and adjusting their teams of their own accord - those teams that pass the verification will then be known as a foundation team. Later on high level teams and master teams will also be introduced in succession. (Teams signing up must accept official verification, as well as agreeing to being a reserve team whilst the verification still hasn't been completed).

Foundation teams which sign up to participate must do the following within the two weeks (from 10/27 until 11/08):

1. Fix members: each member must choose a team, all the members in a team belong to that team and cannot belong to any other teams. Each team must have a minimum of 100 members.
2. Each team must compile precise information of all of its members, and send the member list to officials. The required information includes: facebook name, forum name, username, server and game level. The information provided must be true and accurate, you cannot falsify any information. If any member's information is modified then this must be reported to the officials to guarantee its validity.
3. Within the two weeks, teams must improve their team activity in accordance with the foundation team tasks (This will be sent to the leaders who have enter Foundation group). From all of the teams who sign up the officials will choose the most outstanding 15 groups to become foundation teams, the remaining teams will become reserve teams. The verification results will be announced on the facebook page.
4. Once you have become a foundation team, the foundation team rewards system and event funds will be provided.

Rewards System

Each foundation team can have 30K credit in rewards each week, the leader of the team has the power to distribute the credit. Each team must have at least 6 players and at most 10 players who get rewards. Admins can have maximum 8K credits per week, and each member can have maximum 6K per week.

Event funds

Each foundation team has 2000 credit each week as event funds.

Foundation Team Tasks:

1. Each day at least 3 posts must be made, each week you must post at least 12 posts with a minimum of 30 comments (comment spamming, reduplicated posts with similar content or meaning or a member asking and answering his or her own questions will be treated as spamming. If a team is found to be obviously doing this then they will be moved to the reserves)-----THIS IS ON FB PAGE.
2. The leader for each team must set-up a sign in post on the new forum every week. Within 24 hours of the sign in post being sent out, members will be able to reply, each member is limited to 1 reply. The content is not restricted, but it must reach a reply rate of 60% of the members. (IP refreshing, mutual team spamming, other methods of increasing the sign in amount as well as getting other teams to help out will be regarded as cheating, once discovered the team in question will be moved to the reserves).
3. Formulate a strict team system, within it should be reward selection process, reward allocation process, event development, rules and so on. The content and form are not restricted. This system should have transparency, all the members should be aware of it and abide by the rules. Once it has been formulated it should be submitted to the officials.
4. A team's facebook page posts should promote independence: a) a post which appeared on one teams page should not appear on another team's page, unless in case of a special event or special circumstances. b) Event posts on the Facebook page, forum or within the game require which are posted by officials are done so according to the opinions, thoughts and recommendations of the teams, strive to make the posts as eye-catching as possible. c) Posts are categorised and are titled differently. For example, event based posts can be titled with the relevant title or wording, and separated from other posts. d) Make the posts as aesthetically attractive and as clear and to the point as possible.
5. On the official facebook page, frequent replying is required, on the forum there should be large amounts of posts and replies, and each post should have a team title attached. For example: From Galaxy Legend XXX. The titles should have their own unique style.
6. In the face of Event problems, game bugs or member complaints, sort out the problem and report it to an official. When you receive a reply from an official release a post with an explanation of the situation. (The post title should be stern, formal, resolute, striking and exceptional).
7. Each week any problems should be submitted to a superior. Submit to an official (opinions, suggestions, wiath a clear format - see the reference table below)
8. Each week a team can have a creative and conceptual event. Team leaders should write in the report the relevant information for the following week's event, once it has been approved by an official then it can be unfolded.
9. If a member wishes to change from team A to team B then he or she must have the consent of the team leader, each month only one member can pass between teams.

How to enter the Foundation Team verification:

Between 11/08 and 11/10, the officials will verify the foundation teams who have signed up, and the most important reference in this process will be whether the teams complete tasks 1 and 2 from the Foundation Team tasks. It will also be taken into consideration if the teams have completed other tasks. Officials will choose the most outstanding 15 teams from all those which apply and the results will be announced on facebook.

Weekly checks once a team has been established:

Each Wednesday carry out an assessment of FB posts, and forum sign ins (whether or not task 1 and 2 have been met). Whether the members being assessed have been active on the official facebook and forum.
Each Wednesday foundation team reports will be collected, to examine whether or not the Events have been developed or not.

Teams who haven’t met the requirement of task 1 will be moved to the reserve teams.
Teams who haven’t submitted reports on time who haven’t been active enough will have one chance to make improvements in one week.

How to go from being a reserve team to a foundation team:

Method 1: if there is a foundation team which is not conforming to the requests, the most outstnading of the reserve teams will take said team's place.

Method 2: if the performance of the foundation teams is consistently good, and no teams are eliminated, there is an assessment of the reserve teams once every 3 months. The conditions of this assessment are: posting in the 3 months, facebook and forum replies, if you reach the requirements for the foundation teams then you can become a foundation team.

Note: 1. The weekly reward list and event reward name list should be incorporated into the weekly report and sent to officials on Wednesdays, the officials will check it in a timely manner and send the rewards before Thursday. Except for exceptional circumstances, if the weekly report has not been sent before Friday then it will be assumed that the team has quit, and will be dealt with correspondingly.
2. All information without exception to be handed over to the officials is to be authorised by the team leader or a member who has been authorised by the team leader.