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Thread: Regular Black Market Guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiran Kumar Mummana View Post
    Buying quarks pack is reasonable. Because u have to spend about 300 credits to get 150 quarks in portal. But in black market you can get 200 quarks 150/ 75 credits. If you r saving quarks from daily black market. These quarks will be more cheap than forming. I have 15k approx I brought 6 times for 750 credits 10 quarks packs. This is my opinion.
    It depends a bit on your most precious currency. If time is money for you farming Quarks from Cubits might be to demanding. Then those Quarks packs might be ok for purchasing.

    But 1M Cubits turn into 200 Quarks (approx. 250 Quarks on VIP7+) and 1M Cubits are cheaper than 75 Credits. For 20 Credits you can send Officer Greenspan for 580k Cubits (max. Diploma Center level) and for another 580k you pay 40 Credits (not to mention that on average you get more thanks to multipliers).

    So if you do not send Greenspan already anyways for Credits and have some time for daily Quark farming than it's still a no-buy for me.
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    yo solo compro los chips de galactonita
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    Nice guide. General rule, no buy. Last year there were mining events which required exploring and plundering. Bought both, and then never used them..

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    Quote Originally Posted by BossaNova View Post
    Nice guide. General rule, no buy. Last year there were mining events which required exploring and plundering. Bought both, and then never used them..
    Generall rulle for no VIP /low spenders dont buy something which you can get for free rather wait and thing how to spend creditcs effectively. Here on Forum are great threads about that
    I dont recall ever to buy a quark packs on black market.. quarks these days have somehow lower value as before because these portal events are so seldom... There was just one this year so there is enough time to collect quarks from daily events, not even forced to use cubits. Thats very bad strategy from t4f... but I already mentioned that before. They should make them more often so people have no time to acquire quarks and start buying quark packs .. well t4f is t4f
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    Yeah, the only interesting items from normal Black Market at 50% discount are the Military Supplies and Galactonite Chips, and only for those not lvl100 yet.

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    When Tap raises equipment levels again beyond 100LVL, I think having 100 donation military supplies will be useful. I always get those. As for the rest, when I'm low on gala chips, I think buying them here is OK. As for the rest, it totally depends on your needs and your level, but buying nukes is probably a big no/no.

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    Buy only fragments

    Buying only Fragments, nothing more.. Oh yes, and Black Market events with Chroma Prisms R6
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    А чем тапки руководствуются в эвентах с черным рынком, чтобы купить сейчас тс3 без кристаллов, нужно 50к кредитов при полной стоимости без скидок. При скидке 75% модуль тс3 стоит около 12к кредитов с учётом моих 600 кристаллов. Это получается с одного пакета кристаллов 10 кристаллов высчитывается?

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    thank you for the information nachteule... i just get the gala chips from Blackmarket. !

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