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Thread: CC bug

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    CC bug

    big dilema for me !!!
    I fight with bluesky world 541 if i not mistake. Every battle i win with big difference, but in same time i see that his fight against me is win by him.
    I don't understand. On the resume battle is show For me win 30/lose 42 and on him win 42/lose 30
    How is possible???
    bobo.s622 World 410 ios

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    If the two of you only fight each other, then if one is 42/30 the other will be 30/42. 42 wins for one of you is 42 losses for the other. What's the problem?

    If you are wondering how he is fighting you at the same time as you are fighting him with different results, simple: he or you changed your formation after the start of the war. the snapshot you fight is not the current live value.
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