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Thread: Guide: How to pass 15 opponents in Chaos Quasar

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    Post Guide: How to pass 15 opponents in Chaos Quasar

    Just follow these simple rules:
    1. All 15 opponents in the quasar may pass anyone
      The only thing you need for this is 1-2 accumulators +50.
      Since refining feature was introduced this is not a problem at all.

      Let's start:
    2. The quasar golden rule : the stronger your fleet is - the more difficult opponents you receive
      Conclusion: make your fleet weaker - receive weaker rivals
    3. Ships in the backpack influence to the power of the rivals.
      Conclusion: dismiss ships from stock using the celestial portal.
    4. Select to the fleet only 3-4 useful ships such as:
      • Oneshoter: Dudoria (Trickster, Vladimir). The most efficient for this role Destroyer because with the minimal equipment can oneshot.
      • Tank: Lancelot (Lyon, Opal, Akhenaton, Anika, Dark Asgard any defender)
      • Main killer: Incendos (Brom Bones, Kraing, Richter, Quin Emma, any other ship with a mass attack). Most effective - destroyers.
      • Not required support ship: Opal ( Violette, Thadeus, Elsa, Frost jr. any other who can do something useful especially freez).
        Not necessarily because it is possible to pass with 3 ships + flagship
    5. Put on the ships ONLY REQUIRED weapons and stones depending on the role - remember the less powerful your fleet the easier opponents.
      For example:
      On the Lance only atk, s-atk, engine. Stones block, evasion and accumulator.
      On the Dudoria only s-atk, engine and stones accumulator, s-atk, critical chanse, anti-miss
      On your main killer wear the best of everything that you have.
    6. You have a limited number of treatment - treat only the necessary ships for the right amount of health.
      For example: your tank and the main killer should be treated entirely.
      For the oneshoter and support ships enough 20% of the health or less. Their role is to shoot with the ultimate, then they may die.
    7. Look at the ships, consideser the tactics, set right lieutenants for your tactics, wisely wear and undress ships, dismiss unnecessary ships from your backpack.
    8. Some opponents you will have to try 10-15 times to pass until fall right dodge or critical strike in the right moment.
      You will have to change the positions by trying to find the most effective if the first attempt to pass an opponent fails.

    I passed the quasar even without accumulators +50 and with the most simple and accessible ships like:
    Flagship, Opal, Dudoria, Richter, Flynn
    Flagship, Richter, Lyon, duoria, thadeus
    Flagship, Richter, Lance, opal, dudoria
    Flagship, Brom, Lance, dudoria, Violette (now)

    Do not be afraid to experiment and Good luck!

    I recommend to watch 2 movies i made:
    The first one is old with the simple ships created specially for my alliance and server friends to help them understand basics.
    Second one is the newest with the most effective at the moment formation and equipment setup, created specially for this guide.
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    Thanx Zeus, I'm using the following setup:

    Lance - full equipped incl. gala
    Richter - stripped except SO+50 and core
    plus 2 celestial commander + FS also stripped except core

    I hope you know why I use a stripped Richter +50

    Easy going through all 15 waves with about 24M force
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    Quote Originally Posted by sieben View Post
    Easy going through all 15 waves with about 24M force
    Well done mate ! I'm glad my guide helps
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    i use lance ,cabal,volkof and kit

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    Use annika and fs only with full equipment, and three ships without anything, the other ships must be dismissed...

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    At lvl 90 I find it super easy using Lance full equipped +50SO, Dudoria full equipped +50SO and Elsa full equipped +50SO.
    I do clear the first easy waves (at least 6) with just Lance FS and Elsa to avoid extra repairs on Dudo. I remove everything from the other 2 ships (FS and random) and use them as meat shields in the last waves (12+). Only repair +20 on those since they die one shot anyway.
    Only galactonites I remove from the main 3 ships are Tekkens from all 3 and Divine shield from Lance and it reduces my force by 3mil+. Never have a problem clearing all 15 and I very rarely use time flip.

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    Best solution to CQ is Murphy and a good Defender(DA, Lace Srank Lyon)

    or murphy and Kraig, Bones, Incedos

    Murphy with a extra Starocean is a monster taking out up to 3 ships of enemy fleet for sure
    The surviving opponent ships should hit your defender or charge line destroyer to full accumulator

    2 ships is best and easiest way to get through all waves, the less ships the easier to repair to full strengh

    Just put Starocean on the Destroyers and block on defender rest of fleet stripped
    If you have +50 gal richter in the bach with it to lock

    Speed or hitpoints on rest of fleet is not needed, just adds to fleetstrengh
    You wont shoot first but always can put the flagship or any useless in front to take first hit of enemy

    If you are out of repair energy you can repair dead ships to 1 Hitpoint
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    Я так хожу полным составом

    Единственно важно брать с собой истребитель
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    Easy sauce once u reduce your power

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    Thanks Zeus!

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