So I got Night Lord and with this 100% augmentation event I have him at +15. He's way overrated compared to Elena. I think all commanders that have that delayed damage buff with the high-sounding 500% or 5x SATK like NL, Odin, etc. really don't do as much damage as a commander that does a straight up 300 or 400% SATK like Elena or Rick. NL never outright destroyed anything that wasn't already hurting. I'm thinking the formula is applied on just the baseline SATK before all modifiers are added. The outright damage most commanders do is applied after some sort of modifiers are added. I could be wrong but Elena does far more damage than NL. She usually either destroys what she hits or almost does. NL has his hit then the 500% yet I watch 5 rounds go by and I don't see much happening other than the glowing dot on the commander but nothing to his damage (though if that commander is really weakened then NL's special will finish him off).

I also sat Raizer down because even at +15 is no where as effective as Velarath at +10. His accum regen is useless these days of weakness, locking, etc but freezing and freeze immunity is huge. So I'm staying with Velarath until another SS ranger can dethrone him.

So I dumped my new fleet of Slade +15, Nico +15, NL +15, Raizer+15 and Roland +13 for Slade, Nico, Sky +15, Roland + 12, and Velarath +14. I backed off the levels a bit so I could bump up Louise to +11 and moved her to Slade then slid Knous to Sky and left everyone else alone. 3 SS are the way to go yet again until I can get better and stronger commanders like Brock, Samuel, and Chaka/Lita.