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Thread: Starocean R5 galas not working in random PvP battles

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    Starocean R5 galas not working in random PvP battles

    Hi folks,

    I recently came across a few Staroceans R5 equipped in old commanders I no longer play, so thought it would be a good idea to use them to replace the dual-accumulator R5 galas I have (all five), especially since I want to add Guardians, Mag-Clouds, etc. and you can't if you already have the same galas types. What I found odd was that in some random PvP battles, those commanders that I equipped these Starocean R5s L10 would - instead of having 125 accumulator, as shown on their stats screen - only show 2 bars (50 accumulator)! It effectively means 75 accumulator went missing which happens to be what those Staroceans were supposed to give...

    I kept thinking that perhaps the other players use lieutenants with specials accumulator-reducing abilities, but when it's always the same commanders - even when I tried different formations - I can't ignore it. I've contacted t4f but so far support came back with one reply: 'This can only increase energy storage.'

    Can anyone advise or suggest I do anything other than use those dual-accumulator R5 galas? I already stupidly decomposed them
    Am I missing something obvious? Thanks in advance for any assistance. Cheers!

    My fleet: Slade +12, Nicholas +10, Murometz +12, Rick +12, Fearsome Devil +12.
    All Lvl 110, maxed equipments.
    Lieutenants: Mileena +6, Louise +7, Kit +4, Herbert +7, Krill +7.
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    Let me guess it's in fleet league you experience this?
    Fleet league has it's own interface and changes you do in game with equipment don't follow in fleet league setup. You have to enter fleet league interface and equip comms there also, in both attack and defense formations.
    Personally I never play fleet league. Too bugged and poor rewards.
    Good luck!
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    ASR1927, you are completely correct! I knew it was something obvious! - and all this time I've been fielding a half-strength fleet. But as you say, poor rewards...

    My thanks for replying. Cheers!

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    I play Fleet league perhaps once a day if i have time. Playing for the class chips.
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