Hi All [CHQ] members,
We are not doing any sign-ins. Here are the Rules to get reward from our group.
HOW TO GET Redeem Points :
1 Every member who is active on FB can get points, these points can be use for redeem credits rewards
2 We'll put all posts needed to boost with members activeness on every Monday UTC and we'll have about 24 hours before report time on Tuesday UTC
3 New Points system as follow :
- if your post on our group gets selected as post to report then you'll get 10 points
- if you like the selected post you'll get 2 points (only "LIKE" will count)
- if you comment on selected post you'll get 2 points on every comment
- if you post a bug report on our group, you'll get 20 points
- if your suggestion on the weekly suggestion box get selected, you'll get 20 points
4 The points collected for all 20 selected posts will be accumulated and convert into Redeem Points :
- 0 = -1 Redeem point
- 1 - 9 = 0 Redeem point
- 10 - 39 = 0.5 Redeem point
- 40 - 79 = 1 Redeem point
- 80 above = 2 Redeem points
5 All redeem points can be accumulated each week, and the total points will not decrease below negative (minimum is zero point for a member)
6 Members must write relevant comments on the post and don't spam with just hi/hello or other similar short comments or emoticons only
7 Simulation :
- members who do nothing on selected posts = -1 Redeem point
- members who can do likes in less than 5 posts = 0 Redeem point
- members who can do likes in more than 5 posts = 0.5 Redeem point
- members who can likes on all 20 selected posts = 1 Redeem point
- members who can likes + 1 comment on all selected posts = 2 Redeem points
8 Bonus for TOP 1-3 members (admins won't be counted) will get 4 Redeem points
9 Bonus for TOP 4-6 members (admins won't be counted) will get 3 Redeem points
10 Bonus for TOP 1 member will get 1k of credits reward on the following week when this group manage to get in top 3 ranking or get 1 extra Redeem point if this group is not in top 3
11 Bonus for TOP 3 member who get the most FB post count on a week will get 1 extra Redeem point if the total count is at least 10 posts
12 Bonus for members who can reach 1000 points total in a week will get 2 extra Redeem points

HOW TO USE Redeem Points :
1 Members can redeem their reward with 10 Redeem points.
2 There will be 3 redeem FB posts and the first who comment with member's info will be serve first to get credit reward for that week.
3 Member's info : [FB Name], [Forum Name], [Game Name+Server], [World+Platform], [Game Level]
4 A screencapture of your user ID (menu Setting > User ID) must be included in comment, please refer to this guide for how to get your user id screen shoot :
5 Redeem post will be schedule on 3 timezone all major timezone.
6 Redeem posts will be online on Every day 1 (Monday UTC)
First Redeem UTC 3.00 Asia Timezone
Second Redeem UTC 9.00 EU Timezone
Third Redeem UTC 15.30 US Timezone End of Primus Time
7 Max Redeem points accumulated will be capped at 20 points. After 20 no more points will be added when you get more points from FB Activity.
8 When reaching 20 points, a member can redeem 3k of credits using his/her points + 2 points for addition cost. for example. Mr.X have 20 points, and still haven't redeem yet so he can use 10 points and try to score 1st comment on 3 redeem post on day 2 OR using 12 points to redeem 3k of credits without have to compete in the 3 redeem posts.
9 To Get 20 points redeem system after reaching 20 points comment on Monday post with complete info + userID screenshot to get your credits.

If anyone what to join our group just head to our group and send your application, Contact Samuel Low by dropping a message or wait for him to contact you for further detail. https://www.facebook.com/groups/864692506978633