Weekly best topic 4 — Primus - Critical Hit / Kill Shot

Leroy Adams

Question: How ensure critical hit on Primus or at least get a higher chance of getting a critical hit?

Nachteule Galaxylegend

Answer: When Primus enters the galaxy he has a certain amount of health points (HP). These HP are reduced by the combined fleets of all participating players. The so-called Critical Hits are the hits that let Primus' HPs fall below 75, 50 and 25 % of his initial HP.

As there is a huge bonus for making a Critical Hit it is worth to focus on that matter systematically! I did so over a long period of time and want to share my experiences here.

Three things are especially helpful for achieving Critical Hits.

The first is the damage your fleet can cause on Primus. The more damage you do in each round the easier it is to hit the 75, 50 or 25 % threshold. If your fleet is far behind the top damage dealers of your server focus on improving that first.

The second is calculation of the Critical Hit threshold. Forget about the progress bar - at least if you really want to get Critical Hits. It is only a rough estimate and usually behind reality. If you take the progress bar as measure you will usually start a Primus round short after a Critical Hit threshold. A much better method is this: When the Primus battle starts you wait some seconds before you enter your first Primus round. Take a look at the top 10 rankings displayed at the upper left area. Sum up the displayed damage points roughly and add some additional damage for not visible results. Then start your own first Primus round. Here you instantly have to take a look at Primus' HP (or take a screenshot) and add the formerly calculated sum from the ranking - this is your 100 % estimate. Based on that you calculate 75, 50 and 25 %. Rounded to millions is absolutely sufficient.

The third component is to somehow "feel" or estimate the server's speed of progress. This is the most tricky part. For that you have to observe the damage that is done between every two of your Primus rounds - let's call it the server round damage SRD (it is highly fluctuating around its average but there is no alternative). If the next Critical Hit threshold is between one and two SRD away you can delay your next round between 0 and about 40 seconds. This is really a matter of experience. It depends on the players that take part, if they tend to spend credits for faster cooldown around Critical Hit thresholds, ... If you have a good sense for this you will automatically increase your Kill Shot count which is just another threshold.

In order to improve the estimates for Primus HP I recommend to watch potential Critical Hit rounds till the end (do not use skip here) and note down Primus' HP at start of battle and at the end. If your Critical Hit estimate is within this HP range and the mail after Primus confirms your Critical Hit that's just fine. If your Critical Hit estimate is outside this HP range and you made the Critical Hit or your Critical Hit estimate is inside the HP range but you did not succeed then your 100 % HP estimate is wrong and you have to adjust (usually increase). This is especially useful if your Primus level is in a certain but not changing range - which is typically the case for older servers.

Maybe even for a passionate player this seems to be too elaborated but a significant improvement in Primus means significant improvement in Cubits for equipment enhancements and Galactonites.

I use these methods for long now and my long term average is around two Critical Hits/Kill Shot per Primus.

Weekly best topic 5 — CCC

Игорь Кужелев

Question: How to win CCC / Cross Cosmos Championship?

Thomas Mann

Answer: There are many ways to win the CCC and it all depends on how much you can spend and your patience and server.

Let me separate top, middle and bottom tiers.

Top tier: This is lv 90-100 or lv 100 in future championships. The only way to win this is to have 1st place cosmos commanders. Generally with a lot of luck and great tactics it's possible to score wins against players with 1 more cosmos commander than you but it's close to impossible to win 2/3 fights against them. So assume that in order to win ccc you need to have at least as many top cosmos commanders as your opponent. In android the top player has 4 1st place cosmos commanders and on iOS the top players have 2. Best and cheapest way to get a cosmos commander on IOS is to join world 170 and sign up for the WAR alliance cosmos commander fast track program which teaches you all you need about efficient spending of credits and supports you all the way to the top. Lazarus Hartmann OPrime signed up for that program and in 120 days he was number one.

2. Mid tier
This is currently level 80-89 and in future also 90-99. To win this you will need either dark or 1st place cosmos commanders. You will also need to max all tech, and have very high leveled Bozons and galactonite as well as top tier commanders of the current period. It's is also important to register at level x9 to have the best possible stars when fighting in your tier

3. Bottom tier
79 and lower. This tier is interesting for the poorer players. Only few players in this tier have dark or 1st place cc commanders. Also it's easy to get max equipment, bozon, reshape at 79. It's all about playing the with right commanders and strategy. Last cc it was all about Annica for example and she was the key success factor for winning. Next cc it could be enough tier commander. The trick is to identify them early and build a winning strategy around them.

This should help you prepare and win ccc. There are more details and secret strategies which can give you an edge but I will let you have some fun and find them out for yourself.