Cross Cosmos Competition March 2019 iOS Level 110 Review

After some 3 months rest, tap decided to release again this event. Can't say it is for the good and you will find out why in the analysis below. This is the second CCC after Slade was given to all active players. There are several new commanders but you will find out they aren't used much. Of course i did my best to track down all Slades + by advise i made some more break up analysis.

Since November there were several new ships like new protector Samuel, X-mas commander Elena, SS Roland given for cheap credits, the unknown Tarmilla, duo family Silmeria and Morsendo, + CtC SS ships, Floop, Buzzer, Rambic.
On iOS district 49 different S6, super SS and Dark SS commanders were sent to the battlefields. This sure is new record but not a good one i think. Most SS are here just for speed advantage. For the moment i count Slade as 1 ship but later you will see which Slade people are using.

Regular Commander Usage Analysis

Since it is second CCC, Slade inside is still interesting. With him the speed of all has become rather equal. So the use of SS commanders has gone more demanding if you want first shot in the battle.
Last CtC top15 got Dark Natasha, so not all are using Slade anymore. You can say that 10/15 players that bought Dark Natasha are in top32 - wonder where are the rest?
Many are using the same ships so one commander can't really show off by himself.
The most used S6 ship is Nicholas. And he is used by almost everybody. Win/Lose rate is bad cause he can't decide battles now. I think i saw only 1-2-3 fights where Nicholas really decided the battle. Last time Aldebaran was the second most used S6 ship, but now he is in the middle, mostly used by really top dogs. His skill to reveal hidden ships is matched now with Dark Natasha and the new skill of Samuel. Samuel has climbed up because he attacks invisible targets and is immune to curse and lock. Currently Samuel is better then Aldebaran - better even then Raksha who is barely used mostly by top dogs. New T augmented Raksha is still not very popular.
Next in line is Brock - the one meant to replace Nicholas but his time hasn't come yet. Average performance. Same can be said for the new X-mas commander Elena and Richard. All are barely used, not enough to have something more to say for them.
As for destroyers - Galaxy Lord made few appearances but that is. It is worth mentioning that we are talking about T augmented GL.
Those are the most used ships at the moment - Nicholas, Samuel, Raksha, Brock, Elena. Not even a glimpse of the family duo or the unknown Tarmilla.
I was surprised to see Odin being used. Rick is definitely a history.
The most used SS commander now is Roland. He took the king mantle from Sky Mightlis who is still very very useful. Roland was given for max 20k credits during x-mas event so it is no surprise all got him. His 100% lock skill is what people wanted.
The other most used ship and attained by all is Vela'rath. Interesting that whoever used him, didn't win a single battle.
Lets see which Slade top players are using. The most used combination for Slade is T-IV and Slade T-I. That is the combination without True Damage and it had pretty successive performance. The second Slade is T-I - without Block and Hit Rate. Pretty good results too. Third Slade is T-II - without Stasis shield for two members and he performed very badly. Lastly used were T-V and unknown Slade T - without Curse and not popular at all. Still nobody is using Slade T-III
Basically nothing changed since November. Best two Slades are T-IV and T-I. T-II, T-III and T-V went extinct for now.

P.S. Special thanks to Alex Lu and Sam for helping collect some data on Slade.

For first time ever nobody used Dark SS ship. The only Dark in the formations was Flagship Dark Natasha. Everybody is using the most used ships Nicholas and Samuel + 1-2-3 SS commanders Roland, Sky Mightls, Vela'rath. Guess the speed battle is as fierce as ever.
SS Floop wasn't mention much because only one person acquire it during CtC and that person made the final. And what a final we had. Whoever had the speed made the win. First speed was on roman side for 2 battles, then AVM adjusted and got the speed power thus winning the next 2 battles. Last time roman was knocked out in first round but he put all the mind power and managed to prevail in very tactical and maybe lucky 5th match. Knowing AVM had first shot he went old school. Using Slade, Raksha T and Galaxy Lord T + 2 SS commanders. A battle worth watching.

First Strike-Win Analysis

Nothing new to be said here. Having first strike, you have 73% chance to win the battle.
The second shooters can still hope for those 27% for miracle.

Featured Analysis - First Striker Choices

The choice is totally different compared to before. If you shoot first then Slade T-I seems like the best choice if you want to survive more - giving shield and high block to all. Another equal important option is if you want to play more aggressive - with Nicholas who can hide, curse and kill.
When you shoot second - well nothing can save you. Slade T-IV or Slade T-I is again most used but not as much winning. Nicholas can't change the battle too.

Featured Analysis - First Lieutenant Choices

Not every Lt. can be seen so i give you only what i noticed.
All players are unanimous that Knous is the best Lt. to start the battle. Shooting first or second doesn't matter. Knous is the man. And since they added +12 and +T augment - he became more useful.
Next challenger for the throne is called - Louise. The chick is given awesome skill at +13 - go check it in Handbook.
Those two are sure to stay top for several months.

Featured Analysis - Herbert as Lieutenant Choices

Must have Lt.: Knous, Louise, Krill(maybe in the past) and definitely Herbert. He can be spotted from across the globe because tap4fun gave him flashy animation at start of the battle, so lets see which commander players want to revive.
Players rely on Nicholas to change the tides of the battle. As we see he can really turn everything around and make the weak start winning.
Roland is the next in line but he was chosen mostly because player didn't use Nicholas.
So for first or second shooters - Nicholas or Roland. That is what the stats say.


First battle between испанец and Dark Templar was won by испанец. Not because he overpowered Dark Templar, but because the battle reached max rounds(20) so the game choose the winner somehow. One more round and испанец would have lost.
In this CCC we continue to see more and more SS that are here just for the speed and rarely we see S6 commanders to analysis. Soon even 4 SS + Flagships could be run only.
New protector Samuel replaced Aldebaran, Nicholas still ahead of Brock and Elena is the girl to cripple enemy fleet. In the end having only SS commanders isn't enough. There are some normal commanders that must aid the SS commanders for the battle to be won. Positioning and mind reading is needed.

Appendix A - Position Usage Distribution

Positions 1 is not very used as always. But position 2 became more attractive.
Position 9 is remains at the top while 7 is still close behind. Next we have a batch of positions that are very close.
Those positions are 5, 6, 8 and 4.
The next position batches are 2 and 3.
Basically people started using more position 2 and positions 6, 4 and 8.

The usage of places are very close so by advise of Nachteule i made further analysis of positioning.
Two new analysis were made. First is about First Strikes. What they prefer. If you have first shot, then where is best to place your 5 ships. The statistic below show the best positions are: 9(of course), 7, 6, 4 and 5.
It is better to see it by rows so i suggest using 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9 if you shoot First.

If you shoot second then most used are 9, 7, 8, 5 and 6. But that doesn't sound like good formation.
Positions 2, 3 and 4 are very very close. Difference with first striker is the use of position 8 instead of position 4.

To summarise doesn't matter first or second shooter as at one point you shoot first and at another - second. But the end formation is always the same show by the statistic.

Appendix B - Raw Data

Google sheet: Raw Data

Youtube videos of all level 110 battles:
Last 32 left branch:
Last 32 right branch:
Last 16:
Quarter finals, semifinals and final:

Appendix C - Previous Wrap-Ups

November 2018 Level 110 (iOS)