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Thread: Game is over?

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    Game is over?

    Does not it seem to you that this game is dying? Even technical support is not as efficient as it once was.
    In my opinion, first and then something negative will happen ...
    Once it was an exceptional game, now it is nothing but an unbalanced game and spendthrift!
    Technical support has become slow to respond. It also takes 4 days! Once it was not so slow! To solve a problem almost 10 days!
    It seems that they have fired people, the same operator always answers, once were more people!
    Not to mention the players who are less and less ...

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    It does seem so. It actually is dying. Many players are just waiting and on hold.
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    The game is not developing. No new attractions. Still the same events. Everything for money. In other games too, there are a lot of premium options for money but also give a lot for free.
    Forum is dead.
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    Most of the fights are won by the one who first shoots. I can lose with 4 heroes s6 with someone who only has slade because the first one will hit ....
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    I do not understand, they do it for the money, but if they do not find a solution for sure the game will die, and goodbye money!
    I do not know if, change the game and spend elsewhere ...

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    It is known that the game must earn on itself. But adding new heroes for big money is not a game. The fleet league is a failure. Kubits and technology points are weak prizes.
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    The game has changed over time. The biggest change from my point of view is that it was mainly a team game when I started and has changed to a lonely rider game nowadays. But even once entertaining game parts become boring if they do not change.

    The alliance chat was full of comments each day and so was the server chat. The alliance congratulated on every new commander someone got. There was a vivid exchange on game tactics. We shared login to reach CtC results of 600,000 alliance merits (and hardly ranking top 150), nowadays we get < 100,000. We discussed the travel routes in Pandora and where the strong opponent were flying. We shared Arena prices with the full alliance and logged into our mates' accounts to collect final Pandora ruling star reward for those who were sleeping. We gifted our main accounts gift cards from low VIP mates' accounts to donate them the VIP points to level up to VIP 5.

    I spent much more time in the game although there was less content.

    But tap4fun did several changes over time that shifted GL away from a team game:
    - System messages were added to server chat - server chat became unusable.
    - Dirty speech filter made chat unusable over month.
    - Players were motivated to enter Facebook and Forums and so the server community slowly shifted to a Facebook/Forum community.
    - They introduced the task system which requires players to chat but most did it with the Cosmic Expedition call so the alliance chat became polluted with nonsense.

    They also removed useful and valued parts of the game and generally made players leave, especially low spenders.
    - Free / low VIP play was taken away the Imperial Bank feature for free Credits.
    - Gift cards were removed - so spenders could not support low VIPs for free anymore.
    - Pandora - the most funny part - was against the same servers for month causing frustration in the losing servers.
    - Prices for new commanders increased dramatically. Do you remember that good commanders of their time like Annica, Akhenaton, Queen Emma... were given for less than 10k Credits short after or on their introduction? Quark Portal allowed to get Primus staples for free.
    - Monthly collect event for getting needed resources without randomness have been removed. Nowadays randomness reigns...

    Tap4fun also has no good concept for new players. New players need to have a chance to close the gap to older players but on the other hand older players don't want their investments become worthless. So what did they do? They try to bring every new commander beating all previous ones to give new players a chance to build a good fleet without buying everything that existed in the past - but this costs a fortune. On the other hand this causes older players to leave because they are facing newbie fleets that take out their long-term builds with commanders like Rick or Nicholas. Similar for Cosmos Commanders - once unique items they now flood the battle field. On one hand this is an offer for new/all regular players (but it costs many month of portal investment to get one) on the other hand this caused high spenders to stop spending and thereby paying for the development of the game as a whole.

    Generally I think most player also hate the manipulated randomness of the commander events and all loot boxes. Luck can decide you get a fast SS commander from first portal participation getting an advantage over your competition for months. Some get 3 commanders at the price others get only one DNA (oops, 40 ship parts).

    Honestly I doubt that this can be turned especially as tap4fun does not listen to the player base very well. Many suggestions have been made in the past. Only very simply code-able stuff or things that generate revenue we see usually...

    Nevertheless most of us are still here as we like the community - that's really something that is better as in any other game I played before. So see you in the Galaxy friends!!
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    I started playing, only 3 years ago.
    I think that already at that time, when I started playing, the game was getting worse.
    But still it was still great and above all still balanced.
    I did not know that once it was totally different and that the costs were much lower!
    A pity, that tap4fun does not listen to the players. If they do it, they can surely rise again and bring new players.
    The thing that makes me angry is the imbalance of the ships.
    Trying to make the newcomers compete, with the veterans, have only made things worse.
    A game is nice if it is balanced.
    I do not like at all the new statistics introduced on damages. I mean, for example, ships like Nicholas, which are able to do damage to the HP even if these are shielded.
    In fact, the special abilities of ships, like Jones or Geoffrey (which I used a lot) are completely useless, because even if they protect the fleet with shields, these still receive damage to the HP. Ships like Nicholas, when they attack, seem to ignore the shields.
    I still remember the combination of Geoffrey and Okto. Geoffrey protected the entire fleet from enemy damage and in the meantime Okto cared for all ships.
    Now the only ships that cure, are completely useless!
    I'm sorry to say, but I prefer the game as it once was.
    Also the fact of the accumulator. Now all the ships have it always 100%, I honestly do not like it, also because, in my opinion, in this way the game is unbalanced.
    I prefer the old system, which gave more value to the special attack.
    In fact you had to first recharge the accumulator and then use the special shot. It made more sense, in my opinion!
    Now to buffer these attacks, what do they do? Of course, all the latest ships, which we now have are able to download the enemy's accumulator!
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    Although . . ,
    The game used to be fun to play, not these days, the company is getting greedy, the game is riddled by bugs and customer support dropped, they never acknowledge and admit their mistakes and their bugs.

    The game used to be for low levelers 10-90 players...
    Now it is only for those old schoolers that are 100-110. That shifted the attention from users that could have stayed middle spenders.
    Because of this, they are still leaving.

    This question was raised quite some time earlier, back since february 19th, 2016

    !!! HERE !!!

    Z3nithor back in the days said it all the way:
    Quote Originally Posted by z3nithor View Post
    Let's consider an analogy: Say you spent $30 over a week at a new food place on campus, and now the owner likes you enough to give you free food as long as you show up. If you don't like the way this food tastes, or how it makes you feel about yourself or your future, are you still going to eat there, even though it doesn't cost you anything?
    And I am agreeing with this conclusion.

    STILL . . ,
    I see there is at least some development in this forum... This is the topic that is most relevant now, since surely players are loosing their ground on this game.

    imho, it is not so bad as it seems, since I still see most of the users that were present in 2017 as well.
    That is not for "case closed" or "game over" status of this once most playable and spendable game.

    Problem is in all those factors underlined by both of you with the emphasis on players mutual connection in the gameplay UI.

    I know many players and users that played some of the games mostly because of community cohesion that involved them on a much more personal basis than sheer game playing.

    Galaxy Legend can hardly even be called an online strategy: you can face and fight with other players only if both have such a desire.
    But the game does become boring.
    The game used to be in first 10 on Google Play store.
    And I think that, IF developers need this game still in the first 100 the least, they'll need to change the most needed thing...

    And that's gameplay, level balance, and user cohesion..!

    STILL, I'm staying...
    Since last night I managed to get 40 Aldebaran parts from first Monopoly throw, in 1st dice number 6!
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    I see...
    However, cooperation would be an excellent resource, but events are poor and lacking in good prizes.
    It's a solitary game. Being part of a guild does not bring big benefits.
    In my opinion they should create more cooperative events.
    Then be greedy for money, does nothing but kill the gico! I do not understand, do not they see that the game goes bad and that people complain and leave?
    The only thing to do, would be to spend no more money for a limited period of months and see, if by force, these gentlemen change their attitude.
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