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    Question Purchase credits x2

    I have a question. Is there an event that restores the purchase of X2 credits. Is this just a one-time thing?
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    it's the thing of new users that haven't used that feature yet. Only on purchase of first time credits.

    Afterwards there is no this offer anymore, at least as I have seen so far..!

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    Thank you for your response. It turns out that only a monthly card is profitable.
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    Some times Tap will restore the x2 credits bonus again even after it has been used. The last time it was restored for a certain period was in 2018 - if I recall currently it was during the 5th anniversary celebration event period.

    For myself playing 4 or 5 years now. It has been restored twice
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    I am now collecting credits for Nicholas because I returned to the game too late and I do not have him. With cards it will take about 3 months. A bit long but buying credits without a bonus is unprofitable
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