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Thread: Getting heroes without an event

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    Question Getting heroes without an event

    How is it possible. There are no events, and people have completely different heroes.

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    That's strange.

    The only explanation i can think of is that MakSim9000.s350 is now using his DNA and turning it into ship parts.

    As for Alexsandr.s912, he could be composing Aldebaran's parts to get the hero.

    Alexsandr.s912 should wait for a Aldebaran event, as usually there will be some small bonus for composing the hero during hero's event.
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    This is a very common situation. That's why I'm surprised.
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    Not all servers have the same heroes in the same events.

    Older servers have events that are the same as newer servers but heroes need not to be the same.

    Besides composing from DNA chips already present this is probably the case as well...

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    That would explain this situation. Thanks for the answer
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