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Thread: Increasing the number of forum users.

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    Increasing the number of forum users.

    Hey everyone.
    What do you think about adding a redirect to the forum on the game screen. The number of users who had something to say increased. At the moment, he is practically dead and literally several people speak here.
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    Yes, it is not anymore a common place to connect to... I typically find my stuff via the Facebook groups.
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    Facebook is way more convenient for sharing media and for fast interaction. Knowledge keeping is not a strength of Facebook. You will not find a guide there.
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    ^^Agreed, we need both. But facebook groups took months for me to be accepted, I could atleast read it all, but couldn't share, ask, or reply. Recently accepted into art of War and conspiracy theory, so I'm all good, but still find the forums useful and the few of us here good company with post more focused on the game with serious discussion.. FB posts a bit childish.

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