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Thread: Medals: Optimizing for your commanders

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    Medals: Optimizing for your commanders

    Hi all,

    Apologies in advance if this post is in the wrong section of the forum, but I'm curious as to why there isn't a 'Remove' or 'Remove All' button in relation to medals. I mean, in the Engineering Hub under the Medal tab we can Change, Upgrade, and Enhance. But if I have many medals, especially with different upgrades and enhancements, it is difficult to remember which commander has what medals, and when you want to experiment with different commanders, a simple button to remove all medals and then you can peruse from a stored collection would be logical.
    Can anyone point out the obvious if I'm missing an easier way to use these medals? Would not a 'Remove' button be simple and more logical?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    There is an easy answer to the last question - yes.

    Nobody knows why tap4fun does not implement such a button. You could also ask why do we have "collect all" buttons for Arena and MY REWARD but not for Wormholes and Infinite Cosmos.

    There was a time when tap4fun was interested in players' feedback and implemented small improvements here and there but currently we are far away from that.

    Formation save/switch function with lieutenants would also be great... so many things to wish.
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    Hi and thank you for replying, Nachteule,

    Having OCD doesn't help either! Who knows how much time I spent trying to optimize my fleet according to my commanders' strengths and weaknesses, and the medals giving me the most headache.

    I have contacted t4f via Contact and Suggestion but I'm guessing they would have endless suggestions to deal with, and since I'm only VIP 6, my suggestions would be somewhat lower in the list - since they are still 'new submissions'.

    Anyway, we'll just have to make the best of it...

    Cheers, Nachteule.

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