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    Galactic Chairmen Guide :: CCC Analysis :: November 2018 Level 110 (iOS)

    Cross Cosmos Competition November 2018 iOS Level 110 Review

    Here comes the next report from me. A lot of changes recently with tap giving free commanders left and right so lets see what the top32 are using. There are several new commanders but doesn't seem more attractive then the previous. What new you will find here is some more inside up for the new Flagship - Slade.

    On iOS district 43 different super rare SS and Dark SS commanders were sent to the battlefields. This maybe a record but it is expected since for a while players are getting SS and Dark SS from portal events for the sake of speed. For the moment i count Slade as 1 ship but later you will see which Slade people are using.

    Regular Commander Usage Analysis

    All talks are about Slade. With him the speed of all has become rather equal. So the use of SS commanders has gone more demanding if you want first shot in the battle.
    Of course all are using new flagship - Slade. Natasha is the latest SS Flagship and combined with other SS it seems she wins a lot. We are missing SS Elijah or Dark Elijah in this CCC as it was missing for several CCC events now.
    We definitely have new ruler that can decide battles.
    The most used ship is Nicholas. And he is used by everybody. Win/Lose rate is almost similar. The difference in battles seems to be Aldebaran who is on second place of usage. His skill to reveal hidden ships is unparalleled. Currently Aldebaran is indeed the best protector - better even then Raksha who is barely used. New T augmented Raksha isn't very popular. But the use of Aldebaran opens the door for counter - Richard who is the best commander to cripple enemy fleet and make it unable to fire special attacks even that he cannot kill them with one or two or three shots. We can see that AVM's Richard is the only ship capable to survive 5 shots from most deadly ship in the game - Logan.
    Rick isn't used anymore - he doesn't kill anymore. That is amazingly bad because he was the ship that single-handedly can whip out entire fleets - NOT ANYMORE. Foytek had little appearance but nothing special about him.
    Those are the most used ships at the moment - Nicholas, Aldebaran, Richard and Slade.
    Some interesting new ship is Cynthia. With new augment at +T she can freeze more and rise her accumulator more, but nothing fancy.
    The newly released ships - Foytek, Shane, Chaka Wars are bought only for speed bonus. They have zero worth at the battlefield for top32 players.
    The most used SS commander remains - Sky Mightlis - he can drain accumulator IF hits, he can freeze too now and he is shooting every round special attack. He is Star Lord and Queen Rainder(Retrobot) combined. I heard mixed feelings about him but the stats talk louder. He can win battles.
    Lets see which Slade top players are using. The most used combination for Slade is T-IV. That is the combination without True Damage and it had pretty successive performance. The second Slade is T-I - without Block and Hit Rate. Pretty good results too. Third Slade is T-II - without Stasis shield for two members and lastly used is T-V - without Curse and not popular at all. Interesting that nobody is using T-III without the shield skill.
    P.S. Special thanks to GAS, Luda and El Kay for helping collect some data on Slade.

    We can see that almost nobody is using Dark SS commanders anymore. Everybody is using the most used ships + 1-2-3 SS commanders. Guess the speed battle is as fierce as ever.
    The final was very interesting. Speed was on Goz side, choice of commanders was on AVM side, positioning was the same for both. One thing didn't change yet - we see the same guys at the top. This time it was Goz74 turn to win and he almost did it without losing a battle. Sadly roman luck ended in first round.
    We saw in the end that Nicholas and Richard were deciding the battle. If Nicholas curse - he wins, otherwise he loses.

    First Strike-Win Analysis

    First-strike win continue to be as always - the players with the faster teams have higher success rate.
    The second shooters still cannot find that break through to win it.
    What interesting i saw is that at Round of 32, the difference between winning having first shot was 22 wins vs 17 loses. That means that going towards the final - first shot is becoming more important then at the beginning.

    Featured Analysis - First Striker Choices

    The choice is totally different compared to before. If you shoot first then Slade T-IV seems like the best choice if you want to survive more - giving shield and high block to all. Another equal important option is if you want to play more aggressive - with Nicholas who can hide, curse and is the real killer in the game now.
    When you shoot second - well nothing can save you. Slade T-IV is again most used but not as much winning. Nicholas can't change the battle too. Slade T-I and Slade T-II are good choices too with true damage.

    Featured Analysis - First Lieutenant Choices

    Not every Lt. can be seen so i give you only what i noticed.
    We passed the era of protectors so now it is all about Slade. And all players are unanimous that Knous is the best Lt. to start the battle. Shooting first or second doesn't matter. Knous is the man. And since they added +12 and +T augment - he became more useful.
    Kit is also an option, but Kit can't stop Slade for shooting and activating the shield that protects from damage.

    Featured Analysis - Herbert as Lieutenant Choices

    There are few Lieutenants that are a must have. Knous, Kit, Krill(maybe in the past) and definitely Herbert. He can be spotted from across the globe so lets see which commander players want to revive.
    Players rely on Nicholas to change the tides of the battle. As we see he can really turn everything around and make the weak start winning.
    Aldebaran and Richard are options too for Herbert but people know they can't decide the battle.
    So for first shooters or second shooters - Nicholas. That is what the stats say.


    Servers continue to die and strong players leaving. Nothing really that interesting for event controlled by first shooters and SS commanders. New protector Aldebaran replaced Raksha, Nicholas replaced Rick and Richard - very good for crippling enemy. In the end having only SS commanders isn't enough. There are some normal commanders that must aid the SS commanders for the battle to be won.

    Appendix A - Position Usage Distribution

    Positions 1 and 2 are not very used as always.
    Position 9 is most used one while 7 is close behind. Position 5 is little distant but still at the top 3.
    The next position that is on his own is 4, while 6, 3 and 8 are close to each other.
    The difference from before is that 7 and 5 swapped usage and 4 and 3 swapped usage.

    Appendix B - Raw Data

    Google sheet: Raw Data

    Youtube videos of all level 110 battles:
    Last 32 left branch:
    Last 32 right branch:
    Last 16:
    Quarter finals, semifinals and final:

    Appendix C - Previous Wrap-Ups
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    Oct 2016 Level 100 (iOS)
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    July-August 2018 Level 110 (iOS)
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