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Thread: Dark Flagship or 2 dual speed R7 Gala?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gravemind View Post
    I am pretty sure they will introduce some new flagship stronger than Slade sooner or later, so it doesn't really matter. I wouldn't have used him in the long term even if I had got him anyway.
    Well, it matters when you get it for free, as i understand it was the case with Slade

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    It might be years and you'll be way behind on speed... And have to pay alot to catch up.. Goodluck

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    I'll leave my 2 cents here after using Dark Flagship for ~1 year:
    - If your comp has lots of debuffers (e.g. poison, weaken or any form of debuff) DF will mostly be a nuisance as he will clear the debuffs as well, not only their buffs (especially bad for poison).
    - DF is good if you meet lots of Sturdy. Hear me out on this one, if you can stand your ground against Sturdy and if DF is up, your next commander can kill him cause his shield has just been blown away by DF. Won me lots of fights.
    - As others said, just getting it for the sake of changing your default commander is tricky, carefully think where he fits in your comp, what's the order your fleet shoots?
    - After I've expanded my fleet for a bit, DF was last to shoot, just for the sake of him firing his special, which most if the times I'd rather him not so i put him somewhere where he could be easily killed.

    Too bad you didn't get Slade mate, he's a great commander and I have him fire 2nd, right after Nicholas and before Rick. This boosts the survivability of the fleet by a great margin and is an amazing one.

    TL; DR if DF doesn't affect your fleet comp (you don't have lots of debuffs, you encounter lots of enemies that have ways of protecting themselves or their entire fleets), sure get it, better than getting him for credits.
    Otherwise he's weak and will fall off short in no time after you've got better standard commanders.
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    Thanks for sharing your exp Tyrael. I don't have debuffers for now, i have only Sturdy, Brian and Raksha+6, but thanks to the 5 dual speed R7 i got in the event i shoot first against all on my server, except the one on 1st place (he's 2 levels higher now). My Raksha stands his ground against Sturdy attacks, so he's not such a nuisance to me
    I still have some crazy hope that they will make Slade available again for Christmas events, for those who were not able to get him in the 5th anniversary...vain hope, i know

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