This month of October 2018, in addition to the usual 2 Galaxy Station of Ranger, Destroyer, Protector, Rover, Striker SS & Sub-SS (Dark) Commander Celestial Portal there is a Quirky Station which also offers Sub-SS (Dark) Commanders at a price of 500 credits for 1x click. There is also the 10% discount for the first daily 10x clicks all at once (costs 4500 credits) or 20% discount for the second daily 10x clicks all at once (costs 4000 credits).

And players won't get any Heroes they already own.

Additional bonuses include after 5 times recruiting you will get 3x Quirky Pumpkins and 10x Colourful Candies; after 10x recruiting will get 10x Colourful Candies, 5x Space Candles, 1x Halloween Pumpkin.

The Sweet
Now there here is the best part: you can get free recruiting chance if you use Halloween Pumpkin.

The first day Ghost item from completing the Calendar task will give 1x Halloween Pumpkin.

That's a pretty good deal.

To make it sweeter as a Halloween trick or treat, we can use Halloween Pumpkin for free recruiting chance at the Quirky Station.

To make more Halloween Pumpkins use 10x Space Candles and 10x Quirky Pumpkins to make 1x Halloween Pumpkin

There are enough Space Candles and Quirky Pumpkins that can be obtained freely from various tasks, to be able to get at 10x Halloween Pumpkin after a 2 or 3 days.

The Sour
If you want to make 2x Halloween Pumpkin,

  • Click on Quirky Pumpkin
  • Slide the slider to 2
  • Click Use
  • and 2x Halloween Pumpkin will be made

This is different from the usual slider method which means - use x items indicated in the slider to make an item.
For example, if you want to make 1x Pandora Power Power Core, you would slide the slider to a number more than 35 so that 35x Core Fragment will be used.

The Bitter
This change of interface means that if you used the previous "thinking" it will cause you to make more Halloween Pumpkins than you think and this may impact your plans.