Hi guys,

I am back in the game after 1 year break, and finding it exciting again...don't know for how long though.
I started a new character on a new server and i am currently level 75 and 4h place in arena, with good prospects for 2nd place.
I see there is again an even with commander DNAs in the shop. I don't know what the current meta of the game is, so i have some questions for you:
1. I can get Raksha for 11700 credits (2 DNA with 10% discount). Is he still a viable commander, and is he a viable one at my level? Is he too expensive to get now, should i wait for another type of event where i can get it for a cheaper price?
2. I can also get Cryptor, Alfred or Retrobot....any of them any good still? Currently i have only Cabal and Hunter...and i bought only one silver month card...don't want to invest more than that..
3. Should i wait for one of the commanders in the next 2 days? do you have any recommendations for a good commander in my price range and level?

Thanks in advance for your advices.