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Thread: How Can Commander and Lieutenant Skills be Checked?

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    How Can Commander and Lieutenant Skills be Checked?

    Follow the steps in the pictures!

    Screenshot_20181011-234430_Galaxy legend.jpg

    Screenshot_20181011-234437_Galaxy legend.jpg

    Screenshot_20181011-234521_Galaxy legend.jpg

    Screenshot_20181011-234536_Galaxy legend.jpg

    Screenshot_20181011-234611_Galaxy legend.jpg

    Screenshot_20181011-235334_Galaxy legend.jpg

    • No Augmentation: Commander has no Augmentation-specific skills.
    • Check Augmentation Effects (not shown in images): Commander has Augmentation-specific skills.
    • Related Occupation: Main commander classes that can use that Lieutenant.
    • Passive Skill: Skill is always present (e. g. boost of certain attributes)
    • Triggered Skill: Skill activates when trigger conditions are met (e. g. Jackie activates if main commander has ≥100 Accu, is firing and opposing commander has at least one Destroyer)
    • Augmentation-dependent Skill: Skill is not present unless the given Augmentation level is reached.
    • If a commander has Augmentation-dependent skills of the same type (e. g. ATK buff), only the highest unlocked skill is used (it's not additive).
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