I've recently acquired Rick and have a dilemma: boost Rick or Nicholas? (meaning swapping gala's from Nicholas to Rick etc).

From what I've experienced so far, Rick's inviz is much more, frequent in lack of a better word. I have Knous as his Lt. just because Nicholas has his own poison.

So what I'd like to hear from you is what you've experienced so far (with or against Rick) and if you have any advice related to what galas to have, his position in the fleet (will post my fleet below, only with the relevant Lt.) and much more.

For a better overview of the situation, here's my fleet positioning:

Nicholas | Jones | "Not Unlocked"
X | X | Rick
Joya | X | Flagship

Relevant lieutenants are Nicholas with Kit and Rick with Knous.

Looking forward to hearing your opinions, and also thank you in advance ^_^