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Thread: Scheduled September 2018 Events (Based on Past Schedule)

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    Scheduled September 2018 Events (Based on Past Schedule)

    Due to the 5th Anniversary Event, that is one month long, the following schedule may no longer be correct.

    For example, 22 September 2018 is Pandora Protector Chips.
    It is also confirmed that Conquer the Cosmos will be 29 September 2018. SS Commander not confirmed.

    I have been tracking events since the beginning of the year. And certain events repeat, for the entire game, in general.

    So unless Tap changes the schedule, the following event should happen on these dates

    2018-09-14 (Friday) Galaxy League Season 27 28 days
    2018-09-15 (Saturday) Pandora Ranger Chips 3 days
    Pandora Protector Chips 3 days Current event 22 Sep 18
    2018-09-25 (Tuesday) Heroes League Celestial Portal 7 days
    2018-09-29 (Saturday) Conquer the Cosmos (CtC) 3 days
    Dark SS = Dark Rango (from observation)
    CtC confirmed by Tap.
    Commander not confirmed
    2018-09-29 (Saturday) No Fail Augmentation Event 2 days
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