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Thread: Galactic Chairmen Guide :: R8 Dual Galactonites - Attributes Overview

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    Galactic Chairmen Guide :: R8 Dual Galactonites - Attributes Overview

    Based on screenshots of recent introduced R8 Dual Galactonites I calculated the attributes for each level (except for speed - not yet released I suppose, and E-ATK).


    For comparison reasons you find here R8 Single and R7 Dual attributes, too.



    As you can see the percent based attributes have pretty much the same values. So any Duals stone gives you just 2 Singles in one.

    Remarkable is that defensive static attributes like HP, DEF/S-DEF increase over the corresponding values from single stones by 100 - 83 % and 54%, respectively, whereas ATK/S-ATK increase just by 54 - 22%. So defensive stats are boosted by R8 Duals much better than in any previous Galactonite generation.
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