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Thread: Funny Annie or The New Pain to Choose the Lieutenants

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    Funny Annie or The New Pain to Choose the Lieutenants

    Boooom!!! Today tap4fun added a Lieutenant skill to Annie the cute wallflower Rover never been good enough for the main fleet. And what a skill!


    Properly augmented and attached to a commander with accu refill she is now capable of unhiding the full opposing fleet every turn. Time to say "Goodbye Raksha!".

    One nice thing on the part of tap4fun is that they did not release a brand-new expensive commander but improved an old one. At least if you are a good customer and buy most commanders just for a little speed boost this will not cost you so much money.

    I augmented Annie to +7 and recorded a first battle video with her (2 times the same battle):

    The effect of Annie is clearly visible although the implementation is a bit weird. This is what happens:
    1. First of all the commander with Annie needs to have at least 70 Accu and a target (so you cannot uncover a single hidden Rick).
    2. The main commander targets its target.
    3. Then Annie unhides hidden commanders.
    4. Then the main commander fires without adjusting target according to regular targeting rules. (So even if after unhiding a target is in main commanders column he might hit a different column and row - the one from the initial targeting.)

    One consequence of improving Annie is that you now have several really valuable lieutenants and choices are becoming quite tough:
    • Krill
    • Knous
    • Herbert
    • Annie
    • Mileena
    • Kit
    • ...

    Herbert and Annie are set now I think, but then you have to balance various options imho. Strong Flagships benefit a lot from Mileena or Krill, Kit is the tool against Aldebaran, Knous' debuff is very useful but you need a accu refiller for him and many commanders have strong debuffs in their special anyways (Richard, Nicholas, Murometz, ...).

    It would be great if we could save Lieutenants with formations...

    What are your impressions about Annie? Do you plan to get/use her? What Lieutenants are you using?
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