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I think Annie will change the metagame a lot. The decision to add the freezing for Strikers I don't understand really. This will take out Strikers from the list of useful commander classes...
This will take out ALL the strikers except one from S7 class that will have lock for Annie's antihide!

This decision to destroy hiding effect that was in a way carrier of this game through various commander classes as well as most combos used nowadays, makes only one calculation here imho, more money milking from us cow-players..!!!

Taking out all strikers mostly Odin and Rick is gonna put emphasis again on speed when both players have Annie +7, first one will render second useless!

In my case, to make things worse, I have just Odin and Rick DNA x1, so now I'm in no use of using two strikers combo anymore, unless I spend on Annie...

Second thing, this ability of her makes place for some new commanders in a least creative and most stupidest way possible. Like the firm is run by no brainers there!!!

Dumbest way of making place for some more spending with the autumn entry card for S7 class...!