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Thread: Herbert +7 does revive main commander - Died from poison?

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    Herbert +7 doesn't revive main commander - Died from poison?

    Well I am really annoyed for the past week as since everyone got Nicholas what I see is a drop in Galaxy League due to losing against less strong players. Just to compare I am losing against slower and lower force players of about 4B to 10B force while I am at 17B and they use similar commanders as me, I shoot first typically. What did I notice is that Herbert +7 doesn't revive my commander (Nicholas) and it seems this is a bug that has been around for some time...

    To explain when your main commander which is equipped with Herbert +7 dies from poison attack (the one of Nicholas, with the red glow) then Herbert will not revive that commander. It seems this is already reported to Tap4Fun but they are not doing anything about it which is very stupid and unacceptable in my opinion. This is another bug and they should fix it as Herbert should revive the bound ship when it is defeated immediately with 100% HP and restore 100 accum...
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