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Thread: ATK or E-ATK galactonites

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    ATK or E-ATK galactonites

    Howdy folks,

    It just dawned on me that using ATK or E-ATK (for destroyers) galas on commanders with restore 100 Accumulator abilities may be as useful as putting tits on a bull. Am I correct? After using their special attacks, those commanders with 'restore 100 Accumulator' will never use their normal attacks because their Accumulator are full and ready to attack with the S-ATK.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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    It is actually useful anyway. Your S-Atk damage also depends on your ATK. You can find the equations on how the damage is calculated here:

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    Thank you, Nightbolt. That's a revelation! Guess I'd better put those Strikes and Deep Blue back in their slots

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    Yes, definitely! Also sometimes commanders get accu-drained and then the ATK or E-ATK stones still help where the S-ATK stones don't.

    More recent and detailed battle equations here:
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