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Thread: Which Legendary to choose?

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    Which Legendary to choose?


    I'm rather new and in need of advice. I recently purchased and converted fragments to a Top Legend Chest. Inside I can choose from Sword III, Bow III, Shield III, Armor III, Eye III, Cannon III.

    Now let me give some background- I'm level 91 with a total force of 140M. My fleet is the following:

    Dark Flagship +3 with no legendary
    Sturdy +2 with Maxed Helmet II + Cannon II levelled up a little
    Raksha +2 with Armor II levelled up to half
    Fearsome Devil +1 with Bow II levelled up to half
    Maggie +0 with no legendary, when I get the 60 day bonus will probably pick Nicholas over her.

    As of now Sturdy is my bread and butter, he is the most powerful commander by far and is the sole reason for all my wins. With this in mind, what would you recommend? Thanks!

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    Eye III, put on Rakasha -> Don't die, have fun
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    The choice depends a bit on your long-term plans. If you intend to stay in the 90s Sturdy is the best commander to put all efforts in. So Laser III would be my choice.

    Castor's Eye is great on Raksha as well as Armor III and Shield III but Castor's Eye makes sense only if your Manoinver's Cabin is pretty developed unless you put it in the wrong slot which at level 91 still sounds to be a great support even without the % boost.

    If you don't have any pressure because you are already best in Arena or next rank is out of reach you can also wait how the game develops.

    Finally the following 3 types will never harm: Armor III, Laser III and Eye III. Those types have a more narrow use in my opinion: Shield III, Sword III, Bow III.
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