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Thread: Commander Focus #38: Nicholas

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    Commander Focus #38: Nicholas

    -- NICHOLAS --

    What to say about this event that Tap gave us in the midst of this heavy year of inequality and various disturbances of the game api that was badly coded and abused by players world wide?

    They managed to get one if not all four S6 commanders literally for a few bucks..!!

    If this abuse hasn't injured all other fair use players this event wouldn't be tackled in the first place!!!

    Since this is the case and since Tap decided to reward some of us hard core players by giving us some relief, the event that we got for free was "S6 30 days active event"!

    And can you guess which S6 commander was the one most acquired from this event!?!?!??

    This One


    I remember and have found for this occasion picture of this mysterious commander that was announced on 9th of april...

    When he was released, not many players thought his skills would literally Kick Ass !!
    But.... His skills have been changed...
    Adjustment for Nicholass Skill:
    S-ATK damage and poison damage are increased
    added 50% chance to weaken (decrease all stats by 50%) targets for 1 round.
    increased chance for to become invisible himself as one of the commanders...

    The question from Johan then was, do we like his new skills?

    Tap's policy releasing Nicholas and difference from other first released s6 rangers was distancing this commander from team player skills that were employed in QR and Richard earlier.

    With his skills improved, he was quite capable of bringing the fight home with all the blows and whistles..!
    And all that, left alone in the field without any other commander to support his zealots efforts!!!

    This was seen across the servers from old accounts to new ones as well as from lower to higher lvl players.
    Having acquired and still getting all the inputs from facebook users whatsapp and other social sites users, I can safely say that S6 winner most acquired from great number of players is Nicholas.

    After change his status across servers went from little to no less than great, at lvl 10 giving him one of the meanest and noble looks arround at the same time...
    Nicholas 21.jpg

    Having this in mind I'm quite intereseted for the opinions for this commander, his longevity in fights as well as capability acting alone to bring the fight home 'till the end. Also, any team player experiences in your great and hard earned & respectful combos...

    As the act of good will and great respect & admiration for this specific commander, I'm posting one of the great fights from one of the accounts that I'm operable at...

    Cheers and keep the same pace as always with r wallets still heavy ...

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