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Thread: Guide: Galactonite refining

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    Post Guide: Galactonite refining

    First of all you to use this feature you need Galactonite center lvl 14.

    Refine Principal galactonite - the one you are improving (in the Refine Pit - the left slot).
    Refine salvage galactonite - the one you are decomposing to improve principal (in the right slot).

    From the R-1 to R-3 you can improve endless times daily and receive R-4

    R-4 and R-5 could be improved once per day for free and additionally for the special material

    Special material at the moment of writing not released yet and no one knows how to obtain it and the possible price.

    You need one principal galactonite (i recommend to use the one currently used on your ship) and the following number of the salvage galactonite:
    • 5 R-1 to compose one R-2
    • 7 R-2 to compose one R-3
    • 9 R-3 to compose one R-4
    • 11 R-4 to compose one R-5
    • 12 R-5 to compose one R-6

    When you are refining principal galactonite you receive lvl-1 higher grade galactonite and 100% of the energy it had before the refine.
    when you are refining salvage galactonite you receive 80% of the energy it had, so currently in use high lvl galactonite should be the principal, not the salvage.

    When you put partially improved galactonite into the salvage slot you will loose all the spends and result will be the same as you are using regular galactonite.

    I would recommend to improve R-4 with R-4 and R-5 with R-5 because:
    1. R-4 with R-4 because you can still use your high lvl R-4 on the ships and when refined you will receive 100% of the energy back + can start using newly created R-5 while composing next R-5
    2. R-5 with R-5 but not R-4 because in case you receive x2 multiply is equal like you saved 11 days (and 11 R-4 of the same type) but if you improve R-5 with the R-4 then you will save just 1 day

    How to check the refining progress.
    Unfortunately you cant see the refining progress of the equipped galactonite.
    You have 2 ways to check the refining progress:
    1) the refining progress of some stone could be seen in the galactonite bag by the violet pregress bar
    2) most accurate results could be seen when you place the stone into the Refine Pit slot and under it will be shown current progress in percents

    How to store a lot of already composed R-4 and R-5 galactonite
    Use your recruited but dismissed commanders to store R-4 galactonite.
    Dont rush to compose galactonite from the cores unless you really need some, because your galactonite storage limited to the commanders' number and their free slots, but the same time a lot of cores could be stored in the depot just in one slot.

    A bit of lyrics:

    About the places to find refine material

    • Of course in the shop, and preferably the same way like used for the interstellar medal: you paid = you received, without random chances
    • Would be great to receive material in the rushes for free ... The chance could be even lower than for the credits but it is free, so, no complaints .
    • Would be great to have it in the monthly actions with the new commander so i can exchange some valuable but not needed material not to the galactonite energy but to the refine material, or even let us decide which one we prefer
    • Black market could be another great source to obtain refining material.
      Action is pretty rare.

    About the refine material possible price
    • For credits
      In my opinion price should be 50 credits for 1 refine material.
      At the moment advanced converter cost 6400 credits.

      To refine R-4 to R-6 required 132 R-4 of the same type (without x2 improvements chance) = 132 refine materials
      132 * 50 credits = 6600 credits
      So, for those who want convert fast and have enough R-4 the price will be identical.

      When you got few (lets say 3) galactonite R-5 of the same type from the cores + 1 converted during 11 days from R-4 = 4 R-5
      132 - 4*12 = 84 * 50 = 4200 (a bit of saving comparing to 6400)
      according to this i think price of 50 credits per refine material would be fair
    • For crystals
      Price could be 6 crystals for 1 material.

      Crystals pack cost 200 credits and we receive from 10 to 100 crystals but average from 10 purchases is 30 crystals per pack which means 5 refine materials for 200 credits = 40 credits for 1 material (a bit cheaper than in regular shop, thats what actions are for - to get smth a bit cheaper)

      Usually we receive some crystals for free (e.g 5 crystals for the every 30 minutes online)
      Action time is 3 days = 3 days * 24hrs * 2 times per hr * 5 crystals = 720 crystals for free maximum
      720 crystals / 6 = 120 refine materials

      So, if you are sleepless robot you can receive enough materials to almost compose 1 R-6 from the ground up during this action.
      This also a great possibility for the free players to receive smth for free with a huge efforts as always, but for free, so no complaints

      Because Black market as rare as Primus invasion where you can obtain R-6 core also for free, this sounds fair, why not...

      so, 6 crystals looks like fair price

    The official version of the Refining guide

    have anything to add ? found mistake ? post you comment and ill fix or add information

    Это же руководство на русском языке (the same guide in Russian)
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    Hi Zeus / Eugene,

    thank you for your contribution. As you asked for comments I like to share my thoughts about your guide article. Unfortunately Tap4Fun publishes the Chairmen Guides under the topic "Announcement" although some content better would be placed in this thread. So most content of your guide was already posted some days ago here:

    Guide from Galactic Chairmen III(A)

    Nevertheless this sub-forum is the place where players will head to intuitively when looking for basic knowledge like Refine. Regarding the content I think the Chairmen Guide is in some points a little bit more accurate. (E. g. you need one more Galactonite of each grade than you outline if no bonus occurs, 6 R1 for 1 R2..., I suppose you forgot the one you refine.) For that reason would you mind to edit your post, link to the Chairmen Guide and keep only the parts which add new content (e. g. with the calculation of a potential shop item and its price - although I think that belongs more to general discussion)? The link will help players that come to this thread searching for Refine knowledge to find the other guide, too.

    As for writing guides in general I recommend to separate facts from speculation, try to be orthographically (start each sentence with upper case word...) and formally correct, introduce all necessary terms and use standard vocabulary (e. g. Salvage Galactonite instead of "victim" Galactonite, Refine Pit instead of left slot.). Usually you write a guide in order to cover a complete topic as a long-living document. Therefore it's worth to invest a little bit more and really best-practice to have someone to review it (an alliance mate, a friend, a Chairman - you are welcome to ask!)!

    And even in a relatively new forum an ambitioned potential section B moderator should make use of the search function in order to avoid double postings!

    Nevertheless it's a really nice piece of document and I hope you will produce more in future!!
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    Зевс да я вас поздравляю. Хорошая статья

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    Nachteule, thanks for the observation. Im playing mostly Russian language version so i didnt check the terms - my mistake and already fixed according to your notes. Probably tomorrow im planning to write the same guide in the Russian language, and improve it with the info about the required galactonite center.

    Was writing it fast during the lunch time, but this not excuse me

    About the "search for the existing one" : i looked through the guide names at glance and didnt find any named "refine", so decided to write one fast and later improve with the recommendations and notes ...

    but since the "official" one already exists i can delete this one and if needed translate the "official" version
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    Hi, all. It seems you work very hard in the guide. Thank you very much!

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