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Thread: 5th Anniversary Deluxe S6 Hero Pack Choice

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    Why not taking Nicholas and Herbert/Knous? Different classes so you can push them fast to +7, plus Nicholas with 100% accu refill will benefit a lot from any of these commanders.
    At the moment I see Nicholas as even a better commander then Rick. He hides himself very often and also another team member, plus he has the cross atk curse which by itself can change any battle. Between Richard and Nicholas is a very close call for me, but Nicholas has the advantage imo. Better base stats, plus the combination of his special is nuclear.

    As for Murometz, I don't see him as that useful commander. Yeah he can lock and increases s-atk, but comparing to others specials he's like a kid. Better go for offense until you can get Aldebaran. Above Murometz I think I'd still go first to Hayley, cause she'll also help you once you go for Aldebaran.
    Also you might still have to factor in WC event and choose more than one.

    At the moment what is costing me the most is that if I am lucky at WC event I'll have to probably decide by taking out my Caroline in favor of Nicholas and Richard...

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    Good points there, I bet all in on Spania but I doubt they will even be top 4 at this point lol

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    Raksha not getting nerfed, he's been replaced with an updated protector because Jones was crap and Sona weak, even with 54 million shield at +12,that's gone with once shot from Rick or Richard at 110lvl... Though, it isn't affected by GL, the only positive.

    Nicholas cool, but I'd say Richard is better with taking 20% defense stats and only 12% chance of not crippling an opponent... Nick is 50/50 for weakness and less than Rick for invisible... But overall a close call... Better to have both... Considering taking mileena chips from FS lt and putting them into my rangers, currently have Brian and Richard... We'll see what iron wolf looks like, luckily we'll know before the s6 choice in 29 more days.

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    Spania out gg tap u managed to f me again xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jie Ming Ben View Post
    Nicholas cool, but I'd say Richard is better
    I see, but as what Richard is concerned, I already have one of his DNA chips, so I was already going to save credits towards the goal of getting him.

    You say Rick is better, agreed maybe is, don't have him, haven't seen him in my games, but I do not have the option of getting Rick.
    What I'm strictly reffering to is which ones should I get from the pack since I only have 2 red commanders, Jones and Dark Flagship (from S6 pack I've decided on Nicholas).

    Only decision remains to be made between Raksha, Caroline and Knous from S5 but I believe my alliance will help me with that since I've noticed most of my alliance members have all these in discussion and can point me to the one most beneficial to building my fleet.

    I cannot state how much help you've provided me in taking this decision, cause I would have certainly made the wrong one if I would have not asked you guys.

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    Raksha for sure, especially if you are shooting first... Its still one of the best, even better than newest protector in some cases, because he protects your ships from any attacks like weaken or lock, assuming he survives long enough, added with krill, and you are golden... If thinking long term, get the expensive commander now like Caroline or Knous and pick up Raksha with credit for cheap... That's all I can say, Goodluck with your Choice.

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    I'd (and will, but already have Caro) go for Knous. Seems he'll be the one with lowest price reduction in the next months. I love Caro, but with the amount of great s6 out there you'll end by replacing her soon enough. Specially with this event and WC. Raksha, as Jie stated, is going low on price cause of new protectors. You can probably buy him now for less than 10k if you get DNAs in separate events. Similar for Herbert. Last event price was 7.2k, when usually it was 18k, so big drop there. Hope it keeps like this. Caro price is also reducing, but in your position saving a bit and getting a s6 might be better.

    If you'll choose between Caro and Raksha, I'd still go for Caro and pump her dodge high (dual R7, personally I have dodge and block, and then TS5 when possible to also pump both stats at once). Until your server has some great s6 and dual R7 highly developed she can be a great addition. Get her with Kit (for example) and you can manage to overcome protectors, which is great in against players with Raksha at low levels. I only got her when I was 104 or 105 and she completely changed my server balance, cause others couldn't hit her at all. Now it is harder cause have to fight Fedor and more developed commanders with higher hit rate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrael View Post
    Only decision remains to be made between Raksha, Caroline and Knous from S5 but I believe my alliance will help me with that since I've noticed most of my alliance members have all these in discussion and can point me to the one most beneficial to building my fleet.

    I cannot state how much help you've provided me in taking this decision, cause I would have certainly made the wrong one if I would have not asked you guys.
    I couldn't be silent here on this topic so I decided to speak a bit concerning my practical experience about these three commanders.

    My server is loaded with Caro's, Raksha's and Knous dudes a bit... And I must say that having all S5 commanders form my sign below that fighting against opponents with Knous as a Lt, most of my fights are LOST...!

    I'm Lv 104. all R7 double galactonites at some Lv8 to 9, TS5 is the equipment, with 2 Lv3 Castor Eyes on Louise and Raksha, and one armor Lv3. They are almost impenetrable...

    I'm in first 20 Anakin's arena where are users that invest some 100-200$ monthly or more and must say that I'm quite proud taking all my fleet of S5's to +10 and now soon after these new S6 additions at +12...

    One thing here is of utmost importance when it comes to Raksha, Caroline and Knous..!
    I with these attribs of my combo wreak havoc among most of 15-30th Arena positions which most have at leas on or more S6 among their combos... Having in mind all are Lv110 against mine 104...

    one thing is for sure: After encountering Knous as an Lt on any of the opponent commanders, my Raksha becomes useless, very rarely deploying his shield and relying only on Louse to protect my fleet with Satk buff for only third of the time that Raksha guards if it were his shield...

    My answer by this unique Arena experience is sort of a far cry for any combo there when it comes to this three commanders.
    Lt positions are meant to be for the LONG RUN, not just commanders positions... And when it comes to the long run Lt's, then I must opt for Knous here. And he is the one that when acquired, will fit in completely in this fleet of mine below.

    And one more thing, concerning Rick, as more and more ppl are discussing this thing of 800 satk...
    As Darre said on Facebook, Rick is the abomination of this game, implementing freakin 800 Satk commander, Tap threw this good game quite out of the balance... Some say it was stupid and reckless by their side, and aimed only for quick earn... But I say that it was on purpose and coordinated so that when the time is right, we the rest of the users that are low on budget and generally don't want to spend more than 10-50 bucks on game addictive titles monthly, will be in the rift of decision whether to spend more or stay behind the newest users that are becoming more force built with by far less game hours than we the others...

    Also I'm on a balance here of choosing between two of the commanders that I decided to get in 30 days activity event:

    Which one would you opt for, Murometz or Nickolas? Those two have very good attribs, one passive and one 50% all opponent stats down...! Nopo, Nacht or others... What do you think here, I'd be grateful for this answer...

    Take into account that more and more users are getting Nickolas there, especially my that is Anakin's arena. Is this reason to go for Muro or maybe even Hailey..???

    cheers and all the best
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    Haley most useful for combo with Scott or Louisa, or others with 50 accumulator refill Like the two newest protectors... With commanders all with 100% refill, I'd say skip her...

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    As for Rick... He's a pain and too op, able to take out entire fleets... Considering taking him with world cup first place, depending on iron wolf

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