Dear commanders, thank you so much for all your efforts on Gal’s Image and Galaxy Dream slogan. GL’s advancement and development is never far from the immense support of you, our dear players.

After our announcement of the results for several days and carefully checking, we finally announce the winners of Gal’s Image and Galaxy Dream slogan. Congratulations to all of them! Winners please PM us and send us your exact username and server to get prize.

All the pictures which attended the event will be put into our GL Fans Event official albums.

Galaxy Dream (Slogan) - Winners

First Prize: Svetoslav Ivanov 100,000x Credit, 300,000x Cubit, 200x Z-Boson
Second Prize: Ītz M Montesclaros 50,000x Credit, 100,000x Cubit, 100x Z-Boson
Third Prize: Leroy Adams 30,000x Credit, 50,000x Cubit, 50x Z-Boson

Prize of Excellence: 10,000x Credit, 50,000x Cubit

1.Gregor Ruumch
2.Red Spades
3.Moises Santos
4.Samyshkin Alexander
5.Андрей Пронькин
6.Ng Si Liek
7.Van Marius
8.Paul Lloyd Ammon
9.Ahmed Mohamed Darwesh
10.Samuel Lim Kai Xin
11.Rainer Lucht

Galactic Guide (Gal's Image) - Winners

First Prize: Franco Santiago 100,000x Credit, 500,000x Cubit, 200x Z-Boson
Second Prize: Nova War 50,000x Credit, 100x Z-Boson
Third Prize: Костадин Ризаков 30,000x Credit, 50x Z-Boson

Prize of Excellence: 10,000x Credit

1. Garry Topor
2. Анатолий Мартынов
3. Samyshkin Alexander
4. Paulo Nacianceno
5. Igor Ignatenko
6. Вадим Рудецкий
7. Youssef Salman
8. Adam Arizal
9. David Haumichblau
10. Borislav Dimitrov
11. Joey Lee
12. Paulo Nacianceno