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Thread: Module Adjustments An Observations

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    Module Adjustments An Observations

    Recently a server mate asked how to become strong and along the discussion he mentioned that he didn't quite get TS Modules.

    The consensus thinking on how to improve TS modules is to have a lot of Capacitors and Alloys.

    With the module adjustment event, ongoing, i decided to use up capacitors on the TS-53 Destroyer Module and improve on it to get ready for a day, i may use a destroyer in my fleet.

    This was my observation, all adjustments were carried in two sessions at 2018-06-12 22:04 -22:10 UTC, 23:33 - 23:36 UTC.
    I clicked 5x adjustments every time.
    I saved only when the base attribute E-ATK, increased.

    TS Adjustments Observations.jpg

    z3nithor's hypothesis at Module Adjustment was that the higher the quality of the module, the easier to get good positive numbers. The algorithm may or may not have changed, as the hypothesis was based on TS-4s and not TS-5s which i did the trial.

    If one uses a formula to calculate like what Nachteule does at How Do I Upgrage TS-4 Modules to a Good Level? a good point to stop will be at E-ATK 94.8 when all E-ATK, Crit, Crit. ATK, Anti Crit, were the improved green colour.

    As I am not using a Detroyer, I didn't lock it to optimise it for current fleet use. Instead I'll save my alloys when the base attribute is nearer to 150.

    If I were using a Destroyer, I would now proceed to lock the base attribute and improve on one other attribute first (e.g. Crit). Hopefully when that attribute (e.g. Crit) has improved, another sub attribute (e.g. Crit. ATK), also has improve. I'll save that line and then lock 3 attributes (e.g. base E-ATK, Crit, Crit. ATK) and hopefully it won't take too many tries to get a good improvement on the other 2 attributes left (e.g. Anti Crit, Hit Rate).

    I found that locking 4 attributes is not worth it, locking 3 attributes is pretty much the maximum I will go for and hope for the best when adjusting, that the other 2 will both be big positive increases.

    Attributes Locked 1 2 3 4
    Alloys used per 1x adjustment 1 2 6 20
    Alloys used per 5x adjustments 5 10 30 100

    What's your experience like ? Or method which you use to adjust your modules?
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