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Thread: Civil War Warrior - Richard [23 - 26 May 2018]

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    Here is the official answer from support. They evaluate 27 Ranger chips as 20k credits (I was laughing out loud in this for quite some time... well I would if it is not so sad). So they say the compensation is fair enough.

    Here is the photo of the answer:

    I now argue that if all they care is worth than it shouldn’t be a problem to give me the DNA instead. Also that if they don’t trade it (as they won’t) then they are assuming it is not worth the same and thus they gave advantage to some and not to others.

    I know this will not change anything (I assume I still have a tiny tiny like 0.00001% hope they see my argument as valid) but I will not stop arguing (at least till they shut me down or I get really tired). I also know this issue compared with all the other exploits JL revealed is a tiny rock in a mountain, but we have to try and start by somewhere.
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