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Thread: Scott discount bug

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    Scott discount bug

    I'm unable to purchase 2 Scott DNA chips in today's event, it won't apply the discount....I have over 62k credits, enough to purchase with the discount, but it won't let me buy... The other commanders I'm able to purchase two at a time... I'm guessing because I have enough credit for them at full prices, but not enough for Scott x2 at full price, so won't give me the option... I bought credit today, I barely have enough money to buy the credit needed for Scott... Thus far support has not been able to help, hopefully it's fixed today... I would not have bought credit if I knew this would happen... Let's see if Tap4fun fixes it or just ignores me like most others...

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    Hi, dear player, please ignore my last message, players can buy two DNA chips at the same time when they have the credits that meet the original price requirements, which means you need at least 68000 credits on your account now, and then you purchased it will cost your 61200 credits, hope it helps you, just have a try!

    That's the reply I got.... Tricking players into buying enough credits only to tell them that they need to buy more... Bullshit customer service, misadvertisng, and fraud... What we have all come to expect from Tap4fk

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