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Yes I was using Fedor but once more as I said, it proved to be, at least in my Arena not so different since Fedor with his 80% return atk only returns 24% because of Raksha's invisibility shield that is quite lowering down Fedor's atk s-atk shield effect.
It can be somewhat compensated by employing Lv 4 starocean in Fedor to shoot his S-atk shield later, when Raksha lowers his shield to use 80% return... But even then, it fires timely just now and then...

Only as you said earlier in our conversation, hyping all attribs up to the max and benching Raksha for highest meteor and Lv.11 Starocean Fedor can be to shoot first..!
Giving him Krill or Herbert Lt, and placing Louise last with the same Lt's Krill or Herbert...

That is my next goal fleet but it must be paid with the price of almighty Raksha..!

This new fleet with Rick in it will be recorder and brought here for your evaluation after all...

cheers guys

I was just wondering that Fedor could help in cases where the opponent activates Kit before your Raksha shoots. Then you'd in fact use Fedor 80% in first round. Different situations if your Raksha's special is or isn't disabled. I see the benefits of having Fitz (lowering s-atks and firing every turn with Louise special. Just think Fitz actually ends up being a waste of credits since it doesn't add much to the fleet (thus I still have Stratus... to replace him by Fitz or Sturdy would be improvement but in the long run just a waste of credits as these are outdated commanders already)