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Thread: Custom Month Card Event Fixed - Account Plunder !!!

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    Custom Month Card Event Fixed - Account Plunder !!!

    Hello guys...

    This is a question of some T4F staff game users that have lately been plundering our accounts by famous
    "We're sorry for any inconvenience" message..!

    With this in mind, I'm sorry to report that my account has been PLUNDERED, not more not less...

    After countless month cards bought as well as benefits that they bring, I have faced with a user "gm.s581" who (in his all T4 staff might) managed to plunder me of my 100 dual R7 galactonite item fragments which could have resulted in two dual R7..!

    In the attachment I'm sending you PM that I've got from user gm.s581 ....

    Triad.s729, world684(Android)
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    You exploited a bug so they take stuff the hard way. Lately it happens to many players. Just pass on and continue playing. Nothing can be done.
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