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Thread: Jones any Good?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pliusomiot View Post
    Go for Raksha. He is much more reliable and useful for a fleet than Jones.
    Jones could be good but it has to be taken care of really well. Switch Armoray with Azrael (he is cheap nowadays) and you should be safe for time being. In later 90~100+ you could look for an offensive dude like Rick
    Frack all that and go for Sonya, save credits from silvers 3hree months and you'll be main dude. Once in a while use 2x credits purchase for 20 bucks and you'll sooner then later have for this 56 Mil avoid spell commander !!!
    I was always defender guy, so it's my goal now... in the long run

    of course, Raksha is always achievable for some low price nowadays but this Sonya chick is awesome for some fleet bed time...

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