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Thread: Defeat Satowarnell - Need level 111???

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    Defeat Satowarnell - Need level 111???

    How can I defeat Satowarnell. It requires player level 111.

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    Yes, reach 111 lvl ..."Soon in stores!"(c)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nhim View Post
    How can I defeat Satowarnell. It requires player level 111.
    Until Tap4fun opens levels 111 and beyond, it will be not possible to defeat Satowarnell. Meanwhile we will have to put up with the message on the screen.
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    You'll gonna wait pall since TforBucks needs to milk us some more...

    This 10 lvl policy appears to be much better than all a sudden releasing 100 lvls...!

    This is because they, game policy-plot makers, can have much shorter time to adapt to the needs of the gamers...

    Much easier to input 10 lvls for play time of one year and make gamechanging decisions upon user inputs which will not thwart them but instead rather attract more and more to this moneymaking game...!

    Addicted or not, my wallet is on a dampener... )

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