Yeah, you might be wondering why I am posting this and that is because on several severs it has been seen that some individuals were able to get their R7 galactonite up to lvl 11 in less than a day and max out their commanders with energy. Knowing that you need 20M energy for lvl 10 to lvl 11 that means a lot of energy you can't that that fast. So what happened?

Very simple there was a bug on the past event for using your Chroma R7 prisms which actually would give you extra energy (100k) if you would use em to get another dual R7. Now figure this, your inventory is full for galactonite and then you try to get a R7 from your saved of Chromas? It will fail, indeed. But during the event you would get the energy anyhow. So you figure, mmm let's try again, again and again. Do it 10 times and you have 1M energy... (should take you about 10 seconds).

Imagine you would have known, I guess you would have pressed all day and gotten a few billions of energy! And that is exactly what some players did and as such maxed out their commanders with energy! Will Tap4Fun do something about it? Not sure, yes that is why the closed the event earlier but are they taking back all the energy from those players (some will say cheaters) that remains to be seen?